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Self Worth Healing Activation

Thank you for taking this time for yourself, know that you are so very worthy of your own love. The love you, so openly give to others.

I truly want you to enjoy this healing session. Make sure you create your very own sacred space before pressing play. 

Light candles, sage your space and have a beautiful fargrance burning in the background. Buy yourself a bunch of beautiful flowers and have them at the side of you, along with your favourite crystals. 

Put on your favour outfit, do your hair and makeup that makes you feel amazing. This is your time just for you, you are the most important person in your life. Feel good for you, not for your children, partner, family or friends but for yourself.

The energy healing which comes through will be strong. So if you have'nt been eating to good or you have had a heavy night on the alcohol, I would leave this for a few days and give yourself a detox first. This will allow for best result and not leave you feeling heavy afterwards.

Make sure you are eating healthy foods and drinking plenty of water before hand.

This healing will activate your soul on such deep levels. It will bring up old feelings and emotions you will have hidden away for years. Know that you will be trigger and you will go through lessons again to see if you have learnt them, especially when it comes to your self worth and how you love yourself.


Press play if your ready!  Sending you so much love, healing and blessings xox

If you are looking for someone to help guide you through releasing deep traumas going all the way back to your childhood. Which have taken such a deep hold, you keep going around in the same patterns, cycles, attracting abusive relationships and reliving the same hell, especially within your mind again and again. 

I can help you understand your patterns, cycles, where you are giving away your energy, so you can truly take control of your life and stand in your power again.


Putting yourself first every time instead of everyone else.

Most importantly after our time together you will feel free, connected to your soul, feminine energies, happy and balanced shinny your light. 

I am only offering 6 month program because you cannot just receive one or two sessions and everything be cleared. Yes, you may have shifted through a lot but their will always be somethings else. I know this from experiences of my own healing journey. 

When you have been through so much pain, suffering and hurt, you don't need to be pushed, hurried along. You want that one person, who you can fully open up to, who you trust, someone who as been their and felt what you have felt and most importantly not be judge for your mistakes.



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