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Goddess Isis Sexual Rebirth - Deep Soul Clearing


Within this healing you will receive a beautiful re-balancing of your aura fields and chakras, cleansing, a closing of your love and sexual ties to old partners. Clearing toxic, old sexual, abusive traumas both past lives and present. Clearing all sexual soul contracts. Clearing out the energy that holds you still & holds you back. You will be free to learn & explore yourself. You won't be needy to the opposite sex, your a sovereign being who as the right to your own mind & ideas without answering or asking permission to others. You will be free to leave anything or anyone for the good of your own self love & respect. You won't be a victim or a rescuer for partners, past or present. You will not need to struggle or be made to feel inadequate or needy again. You are free of all these soul contracts! Your third eye will be activated so you may see clearer & with compassion. Your throat will be cleared you may speak and soothe others with words of love. Your heart will be activated, released of all soul contracts to rescue & suffer. You will be forgiven of past situations & you forgive with the same love. Your lungs will be activated so that you may breathe in the life force, blow out negative things from your body & life. Your navel be will nourished with the spark of life, be given the ability to be reborn & learn from the past. Your root will be activated which gives you security, strength, freedom to move & balance in all the things you are and do.

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6 Month Healing Mentorship Program


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