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Rose Quartz Crystal Heart Chakra Activation

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Awaken your heart chakra with the healing properties of the rose quartz crystal, with light language activations for deep soul awakening. I work with the energies of the crystals and bring forth energy healing from my Atlantis high priestess lifetime and the Angels. Activate your multidimensional self and DNA which will help you in connecting with your higher self, allowing more light, love, abundance, prosperity, good health, feeling safe in the body. When your chakras are unbalanced there are many different things that can happen within the body and how you feel. Take a look below for just a few symptoms. Your chakras are centres of energy within the body. If an area in your body is lacking in energy, it's imbalanced or blocked there is potential for illness and disease. ❤️ Heart Chakra - you may feel heart broken, not open to receiving love (which also means any form of abundance), shutting your heart down to never love again (especially yourself) This rose quartz healing meditation, will pin point the blocks to what is limiting your heart chakra being fully open and receiving of all the magical and unconditional love available to you. Enjoy beautiful soul, Sending love, light, healing and blessings Kerrie Ann xx

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