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Past Life Soul Clearing Regression

  • 1 hour
  • 111 British pounds
  • Online Via Zoom

Service Description

Hello Gorgeous Queens Past Life Regression is a fascinating way to understand who you are as soul, living a human life here on earth and maybe other planets. Your past life memories are your autobiography of your soul, you may have had 100's of past life's or just a few. Past life regression is a technique used to take an individual back through time to their previous lives by accessing the normally hidden memories of the subconscious mind. Past life regression is a healing technique that uses hypnosis the past life. Where it will be explored, as the healing begins, balancing, harmonising the soul of trauma, pain, shock and closing the story in the Akashic records, so you do not keep reliving it, bring back your soul fragments cleansed and clear in the creators light. Hex's curses and any type of magic will be removed. You will see, sense, feel, taste, smell all what is happening in the past life memory, you are the main character and you will always be shown what you need to know the most. "The soul is eternal and each life lived is but one soul life experience. You can see each life as one new day, a segment of the souls continual journey, advancing through knowledge and experience" Healing through past regression brings you a great inner peace and understanding of the person you really are, it can help you understand who you are as a soul living a human life. If you are looking for answers to a current life situation or simply curious, past life regression allows you to reconnect to your soul during any time and space of existence. Realigning a person to a more natural state, while resolving underlying causes to many present day presenting symptoms. Past life regression therapy is a direct way of healing blocked emotional energy, trapped in the body, karma, trauma and release it. Past life regression therapy acts as a blessing, to free yourself of karmic trauma you may have been carrying for lifetimes. It can bring you a mental peace, release from victim mentality and experience a heightened state of intuitive awareness. I adore these healings as everyone is so different, you never know where you are going to go or what is going to come up to be released. I look forward to connecting with you and taking you on a journey through your past lives, we may visit more than 1 in the session. Sending you lots of love,healing and blessings. Kerrie Ann xx

Cancellation Policy

To cancel your appointment or change the date please contact me 48 hours before your appointment please. Contact Kerrie Ann tel: 07789474927 or email: If I do not have 48 hours notice you will lose your money.

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