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Certified Crystal Healing Practitioner

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Welcome to the crystal healing practitioner course! My love for crystal began in 2017 when I slowly started awakening on my souls path. I used them daily to help with clearing energies in the home as all kinds of spirits were drawn to my children's light & also to help my children sleep. From then crystals have been apart of my everyday life. There is so much magic within crystals you just need to know what to do. Learn how to connect and talk to them to activate the healing properties within. Trust, and show love to your crystal and appreciate their existence here on Earth. To help us evolve and heal ourselves. You will learn everything about looking after your crystals, programming, how to give a crystal healing treatment. How to do a consultation, contra-indications, health & safety at work be it in a salon or at home. Not forgetting codes of practice and insurance for therapists. With an added bonus of opening up and closing down meditations, a grounding meditation and meet your spirit guides. Also you will have access to life changing healing activations. Once the body has processed these healings you will free more open, connected to spirit and your intuition. Once you have finished this course you will be able to get insurance and set up practice charging for your crystal healing sessions at home or in a salon. This course is perfect if you are wanting spiritual growth as well!

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6 Month Healing Mentorship Program


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