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Womb & Moon Magic

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The womb is the birthplace of all humanity, and it is essential to care for and honour your womb. We live in a fast-paced world and we must not forget how to tend to ourselves and our womb. Many women are suffering from being out of alignment and flow with themselves, their cycles and the moon. When we remember the importance of caring for ourselves and our bodies, this allows us to stand in our own power. When we feel safe in our bodies we are at home and tuned into our intuition. You will find yourself more present in the moment and fully expressing who you truly are. When living in alignment with your soul, you feel present, grounded, connected to your power and you have balanced the feminine and masculine. Learning how to connect to your cycles and the moon, you will know when to take action, when to pause, when to heal and make changes. It's our birthright to thrive, be in flow of life, be wild, carefree, raw, sexy and unapologetically ourselves. Here I share with you ways and tools how you can connect with your womb and the moon. With an added bonus of a light language activation.

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