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Rediscover your Self Worth

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This coaching and healing activation will help you rediscover your self worth again after the ending of a relationship. When you have been brutally broken and the pain you are carrying has taken such a tool on your whole being, it is really hard to move forward. You are left with very little confidence and your self worth has gone out the window. This free coaching and healing will help give you the boost to need. It's perfectly normal to feel a deep sense of loss after the ending of a relationship. Your grief will come in waves, in order to heal you have to allow all the painful feelings and emotions to come up. When building your self worth, one of the first things you can do is look at your strengths. What is it you are good at? Do more of it and grow in your confidence again. Looking at self love/care this comes from comfort, what makes you feel comfortable, looking after yourself. Self respect comes from the discomfort we go through. This is where you can ask yourself what are the hardest things you have had to overcome? The love then comes from the self respect you have for yourself from going through the challenging time in the situation you were in. This is where you should be proud of yourself and see how your confidence has grown. Learning everything you have, you will know that you won't allow yourself to get hurt like that, because you have seen your self worth. You can and will fly your wings again.

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6 Month Healing Mentorship Program, £370.33/month


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